Brett Carlson

Brett3Brett Carlson was a son, a brother, a climber, a mountaineer, and a friend to many who call Whistler home. But as much as anything, Brett was an adventure skier who recognized the magic of the BC Coast Range. In January of 2000, Brett passed away in a tragic skiing accident in the Whistler area and has since left a legacy in the heart of Whistler’s core skiing community. We could go on about the type of guy Brett was, but we believe the $30,000+ that has already been raised in Brett’s memory speaks for itself. Shortly after his passing a memorial fund (supported in part by an annual fund-raising party during the World Ski and Snowboard Festival) was set-up with the objectives of assisting the ZERO CEILING street youth program as well as the ultimate vision of building a backcountry hut in Brett’s memory.

Now, teaming up with the other groups that make up the Spearhead Hut Committee, the founders of the Brett Carlson Memorial Foundation (Joe Lammers and Damian Cromwell), along with Brett’s friends, family, and the core skiing community at large in Whistler are all getting closer to seeing this vision become a reality.


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  1. Thanks for making this page. Brett was truly a great person, and it means a lot to his family that he is still remembered.

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