This project will only be possible with dedication and commitment from a deep pool of dedicated local and international backcountry enthusiasts. There’s more than one way to help with the project, and we sincerely hope you’ll join us on this project.


Receive A Tax Receipt

We are excited to announce that the Spearhead Huts Project is now a registered charity that can issue tax receipts for your donations.

  1. Donate online via Paypal.
  2. Or use this donation form to mail a cheque.  

To enquire about making larger donations of cash or services/materials, you can also CONTACT US to discuss details.





Materials/Professional Services

While many of the hard costs will be unavoidable, there are numerous items in the project budget that could be minimized or eliminated if anyone is able to donate materials ‘in kind’ or pro-bono professional services.

Materials – Will update this section closer to the build stage of the project.

Professional Services needed for the project include fundraising, construction project management, helicopter transportation for people and materials, engineering, environmental assessment, legal, accounting, architectural design (in a support capacity) and more.

Please CONTACT US if you are keen and able to donate your professional services to help with this project.