Kees and Claire Hut at Russet Lake

The Kees and Claire Hut at Russet Lake is the first of 3 huts built along the Spearhead Traverse. We are now accepting reservations for public use starting Sept 7, 2019. Welcome.

Approaching the Kees and Claire Hut from the Musical Bumps in early December.


The Kees and Claire Hut is a state-of-the-art energy efficient backcountry hut.  The hut has 38 sleeping spaces divided into 6 sleeping areas. It is heated so all you’ll need is a light sleeping bag and mattress for the time being, we hope to provide mattresses in the not too distant future. The hut has propane stoves for your use as well as cooking equipment such as pots, plates, utensils etc. so you don’t have to bring any of that. The hut has indoor composting toilets for your comfort and to minimize environmental impact. The hut has electricity and lights. Waste water disposal is provided however water is snowmelt for now. Please wash, dry and put away any utensils and dishes you use. You are responsible for packing any and all garbage out. There will be a custodian at the hut to answer questions and check reservations.


The hut is located just above Russet Lake (50° 1’ 20″ N / 122° 52′ 23″ W). It is accessible via the Musical Bumps from Whistler Mountain or by climbing up the Singing Pass trail from Whistler Village.


$45/night per person
$30/night for members of the ACC and BCMC


All public hut bookings are made online at


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